Thursday, May 7, 2009

No. 25. The La Mariana, where I hung out
with my best friend, the parking lot

Deep within the bowels of Sand Island, quite literally off the beaten path, is the La Mariana, an original tiki bar (note: not tiki-style bar) that opened in 1955. I was first introduced to this bar via DJ Grady Gillan to send off a friend who had an hour and a half before he had to get to the airport. Somewhere in the middle of this, we figured we had only 45 minutes to get drunk, and in the chaos, someone suggested whiskey shots chased with Budweiser (my friend later told me this was called a "boilermaker," yech). And yeah, it's every bit as horrible as it sounds, me being the lightweight and a fond lover of everything not hard liquor, lost most of my lunch and all of my dinner — in the La Mariana parking lot. Ah, good times.


jared said...

a slug of whiskey and a budweiser chaser is referred to, in some circles, as a boilermaker. I believe we had a bunch of those in 45 minutes.

Kyle said...

hahaha shoot this stuff is hilarious
haha and a great influence, no doubt :P