Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No. 26. P&P Super Foods, Super F-cking Awesome

I absolutely adore the panache this sign has. Bold serifs and shapes combined with a dynamic brush script give it a zest not often found in old Kalihi, in particular, the neighborhood surrounded by some of the roughest (by reputation) low-income housing projects on Oahu — Kam IV Housing, Kuhio Park Terrace (KPT), and the like (described by a longtime Kalihi resident as a "good place fo get jacked"). Currently, the building houses various community programs and offices under an umbrella nonprofit called Kokua Kalihi Valley, but I would imagine that back in the day, it was some sort of shiny, modern, Sack-and-Save-esque kinda supermarket. Stimulates the imagination, though, don't it?

Status as of 3/11: Kokua Kalihi Valley plans to renovate P&P with a new $11 million grant to create a community center and expand their dental and medical services. Great for Kalihi, but this very visible landmark will soon be gone.

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