Saturday, August 1, 2009

No. 29. Kaimuki Bargain House has
quality letters at rock bottom prices

Status: Gone

The Kaimuki Bargain House on Waialae Avenue has two signs: a fancier, metal one on the roof that is only visible from streetside, and this one. There's nothing really spectacular about it, aside from the fact that it's a white wood board with handpainted letters. But it's the handpainted letters that really make this special. Ever see those newer, light-box signs with vinyl adhesive letters? They're cut using a machine similar to a plotter that use a computer vector file as a guide. And despite that, it still looks cheap and they lose their luster quickly. By contrast, his one has gotta be at least 20 years old and even though it's a bit faded, it still looks pretty freakin' rad.

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